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Man Holding Head in Stress Looking at a Car Accident

Statistically, there are approximately 490,000 reported car crashes in California each year. These dangerous collisions frequently lead to countless injuries and thousands of fatalities. Sadly, a majority of these accidents are caused by reckless, inattentive, and negligent drivers who choose to ignore state and federal traffic laws. You shouldn't have to suffer due to the negligence these drivers have committed. Our car accident attorney in orange county wants the help ensure that justice is served and you recover the fair compensation you deserve.

The Orange County car accident lawyers at Paoli & Purdy, P.C., understand that obtaining a beneficial settlement or verdict can help you safeguard your quality of life after a vehicle accident.

When medical bills and other injury-related expenses start piling up, it’s important to take legal action with our car accident lawyer in Orange County and pursue compensation that can facilitate your physical and financial recovery.

You can rely on our trial-tested legal team to manage your case while you focus on your physical recovery. Our Orange County car accident attorneys have the skills and experience to negotiate with insurance companies and, if necessary, litigate in court on your behalf.

What Are Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents?

The survivors of auto collisions tend to sustain catastrophic physical and cognitive injuries that necessitate expensive and ongoing medical treatments and care-giving services.

The most common types of injuries suffered in car accidents include:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Broken Bones/Fractures
  • Burn or Scarring Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage

At Paoli & Purdy, PC, our car accident lawyer in Orange County will fight for a fair and just compensation on your behalf. We understand that the vast majority of individuals who are seriously injured due to another person’s negligence can be overwhelmed by the magnitude of their medical bills and lost wages from being unable to work. That’s why we won’t rest until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

  • Get to safety- It is vital that you seek the safety of you and your loved ones by getting to a safe place before leaving your vehicle after a car accident.
  • Be careful what you say- Don't ever admit to fault in an auto accident, even if you think that you were in the wrong. There may be aspects to the accident that you are unaware of, and admitting fault too early could affect the amount of your settlement.
  • Document the accident- Keep a detailed record of your accident by collecting all receipts, medical bills, repair documents, and police reports that you receive after a car accident. Additionally, after you visit your doctor, make certain to request a copy of your updated medical record. This important piece of evidence is an essential element in your case.
  • Get medical attention- It’s imperative that you seek medical attention for your injuries within 7 days. If you wait too long, the insurance company may be able to argue that your injuries don’t warrant the damages you deserve.
  • Get representation for a maximum payout- Contact a Newport Beach car accident lawyer for guidance in requesting the proper

What to Do After a Car Accident in Orange County

Steps to take after an accident infographic

Involved in a serious car crash? Contact Paoli & Purdy, PC online or call (949) 751-6371 to speak with auto accident attorneys in Orange County.

Determining Negligence After a Car Collision

During your consultation with Orange County car accident lawyers, we can discuss your case and evaluate which parties are ultimately liable for your injuries. The success of your case depends on your lawyer proving that the defendant’s negligent actions contributed to your injuries.

By investigating your case, we can develop a comprehensive litigation strategy that secures a positive case result.

An at-fault driver can be held legally responsible for the following behaviors:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting
  • Tailgating
  • Running a red light
  • Talking with passengers
  • Eating or drinking
  • Failing to yield

Is California A No Fault State For Auto Accidents?

California is an at fault state when it comes to car accident liability. This means the party responsible for causing an accident is the one responsible for paying damages, although this is usually done through an insurance carrier. Injury victims in at-fault states typically have more options to pursue compensation for their injuries.

This at fault system is directly opposed to a no fault system which some states follow. In these states, all parties file a claim with their own insurance company regardless of who is at fault for causing an accident. Additionally, it is more difficult to file a personal injury claim against a responsible party in a no-fault state.

An at-fault system works well when only party is responsible for causing an accident, however, many accidents are caused by more than one driver. When it comes to cases where more than one party is found to bear some responsible for causing an accident California follows a “pure comparative fault” rule. This means that injury victims who are found partially responsible for an accident are still eligible to recover compensation, but their percentage of responsibility will be reduced from their overall compensation awarded to them. For example, if you are found to be 15% at fault for the accident, the total compensation awarded to you will also be reduced by 15%.

While many injury victims are surprised to hear their insurance companies argue that they bear responsibility in their accident, there are many aspects of responsibility that are so normal to everyday drivers, they are often overlooked. An example of these driving mistakes would be speeding or failing to put a turn signal. Car accident liability can be a complex area of the law, fortunately our experienced attorneys can answer all your questions.

Injured in an accident? Call (949) 751-6371 to set up an appointment with an Orange County car accident lawyer.

Types of Compensation Awarded in a Car Accident Case

In car accident cases, there are typically two types of compensation (or damages) awarded -- compensatory and punitive damages.

Damages or compensation awarded in a car accident may cover the items below:

  • Medical Expenses (past, present, and ongoing) - Sometimes known as “economic damages”, if your injuries are severe and require ongoing rehabilitation, treatment, or therapy, your compensation will cover the costs of those treatments.
  • Lost Wages (current and future wages) - In the event that you miss work or are unable to work due to your injuries, you may win compensation for it. You may even ask for compensation for any sick or vacation time that you lost, bonuses, promotions, and other perks of your job that you may have missed out on due to your injuries.
  • Property Loss/Damage - If your car or other property was damaged during the accident, you may receive compensation for the cost to repair it or the fair market value of it.
  • Pain and Suffering - This covers any emotional trauma that you endured due to the accident and your injuries. Our Orange County car accident lawyers can help determine the amount you should receive.
  • Wrongful Death - If a loved one was lost due to a car accident then you may be entitled to recover the cost of funeral expenses, burial expenses, as well as medical expenses to treat any injuries before death. If this loved one contributed to supporting you financially, you may also be compensated for that as well as companionship.
  • Punitive Damages - Amount paid on top of compensatory damages to punish the defendant for negligence
If you or someone you love was involved in a car crash, reach out to an accident lawyer in Orange County at Paoli & Purdy, PC. We are passionate lawyers who are here to help you!

How to Boost Compensation for Your Car Accident Claim

If your case is successful, you may recover damages that account for your medical expenses, lost wages, and any other non-economic damages determined by the court. However, it’s important to retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible if you want to maximize your claim.

  • The goal of the defendant’s insurance company is to save money by undermining your case. Once your accident has been reported, insurance company adjusters are frantically trying to investigate the case to prove that you’re somehow at fault.
  • An adjuster may even contact you before you have a chance to discuss your case with a lawyer. The intent of this call is to trick you into submitting a recorded statement that jeopardizes the legitimacy of your claim.
  • Our Orange County car accident attorneys can negotiate with the defendant’s insurance provider and protect your claim from any questionable tactics. We can also review your injury-related financial losses and potential medical expenses to guarantee that your settlement actively provides for your financial needs.

Contact our Orange County car accident attorneys at (949) 751-6371 to explore your legal options. We offer free initial consultations.

Can I File A Car Accident Claim After Insurance Pays?

Once you agree to a settlement amount with an insurance company it’s usually difficult to recover any more compensation since most settlements state specifically that the amount agreed upon will be the only compensated granted to the injured party.

If you have already signed an agreement, it’s important to speak to am experienced attorney about what options you may have. Our team is experienced in car accident law and is ready to fight for you.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Car Accident Lawyer in Orange County Today

At Paoli & Purdy, PC, our Orange County car accident lawyers can protect your interests and effectively guide you through this complicated legal process. Our attorneys have individually represented thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We are willing to rigorously negotiate or litigate on your behalf if it means securing a positive case outcome.

Injured in a car accident? Contact us for a free consultation to seek compensation today!

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